It is about turning data to information now...

• How easily can you access your field data away from your office?

• Can you tell how well your facilities are running right now?

• Can you use your smartphone or tablet to monitor and interact with your system?

Conventional SCADA systems are designed for Control rooms and are quite cumbersome to access remotely. We have developed a new technology to address this limitation. With our solution, anyone from your organization will have easy access to field data seamlessly. Supervisors, Managers, Engineers, and Production teams can now instantly access a wealth of information from their office with minimum effort. Our high performance and secured EVENTA Monitoring and Control Platform can provide ultimate access to your field data in a secured, quick, and user-friendly format with no need for endless hours of looking for data, or building spreadsheet macros.

The key to an intelligent system is "Powerful Software". Our solutions empower your organization, System Integrators, SCADA, IT, Engineering, and Management teams to collect, analyze, process, report and produce meaningful and usable data in seconds or minutes (not in hours or days).


Remote Monitoring Solution

Our EVENTA platform provides remote monitoring and control for any number of facilities or wellheads without going through the cost of expensive SCADA systems.

Let the system monitor your facilities around the clock and send you exception notifications, daily summary or detail report by e-mail or text messages.

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Why the EVENTA Platform?

EVENTA goes where other SCADA systems cannot go: boardroom, mobile, head office

EVENTA provides an intelligent and user-friendly interface to your staff and business partners

EVENTA gives you easy and secured access to the field data

EVENTA allows you to monitor, control, and optimize large numbers of field devices that are spread out in several regions

EVENTA eliminates the need for high SCADA software and support costs

EVENTA can consolidate various facilities and applications in one system

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